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Nandrolone Decanoate Injectable Anabolic Steroids Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml

Nandrolone Decanoate Injectable Anabolic Steroids Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml

    • Nandrolone Decanoate Injectable Anabolic Steroids Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml
    • Nandrolone Decanoate Injectable Anabolic Steroids Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml
  • Nandrolone Decanoate Injectable Anabolic Steroids Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Fulu
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: 360-70-3

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    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
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    Packaging Details: 1kg sterile aluminum foil bag or discreet and tight safe packing for customs pass guaranteed
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    Detailed Product Description
    CAS: 360-70-3 EINECS: 206-639-3
    MF: C28H44O3 MW: 428.65
    Purity: 99% Specification: 200mg/ml, 250mg/ml
    Alias: Deca Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
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    Nandrolone Decanoate 200 Injectable Anabolic Steroids Deca Durabolin 200 Mg 360-70-3


    Basic info


    1. Product name: Nandrolone Decanoate

    2. AIias: decavar; 19-Nortestoterone decanoate; Deca-Durabol; Deca-Durabolin; Durabolin steroids; nandrolone decanoate; deca durabolin

    3. CAS: 360-70-3

    4. EINECS: 206-639-3

    5. Molecular Weight: 428.65

    6. Molecular Formula: C28H44O3

    7. Usage: A synthetic, anabolic steroid. Used to promote muscle growth and combat involuntary weight loss. It has also been used to treat cases of osteoporoacsis.

    8. Specification: 200mg/ml, 250mg/ml


    Product Description


    Durabolin has good anabolic effect which leads to steady and consistent muscle growth. This is accompanied with a moderate androgenic effect thus speeding up regeneration and maintaining mass even when on the diet. Also, it is associated with much lower water retention compared to nandrolone decanoate (deca-durabolin) which makes it more suitable for cutting (pre-competition) cycles while nandrolone decanoate suits better for mass and strength. Gains with nandrolone phenilpropionate are smaller and not very quick, however, this is more “quality” and lean meat, which has more chances to sustain after the cycle is over.




    This steroid can be used for cutting or for bulking. Bodybuilders often stack it with Testosterone for one of the most common and effective bulking cycles. The deca winstrol stack is also very popular. It is believed that Winstrol helps block the progesterone buildup while the Deca heIps with the joint issues that some suffer while on Winstrol. The joint relief and healing that Deca provides is one of the main reasons, it has become a very popular steroid with Bodybuilders.


    Nandrolone Decanoate Dosage


    By adding 400mg per week of nandrolone to a testosterone cycle or a dianabol cycle, you’ll be able to increase your overall steroid dosage, without increasing the side effects. For example, a bodybuilder taking 500mg Sustanon 250 per week, who felt he needed more power in his cycle, would find himself with more side-effects if he were to just take more of the same testosterone.


    Since testosterone aromatizes at an increasing rate at higher doses, there would be an exponential increase in the likeliness of gynecomastia and water retention if more testosterone was added weekly. When adding nandrolone decanoate to the same testosterone cycle, you are increasing the total amounts of steroids your body is receiving every week.


    However, you are not adding anymore viable substrate for undesired enzymatic reactions from aromatase and 5-reductase. In simple terms, you use more steroids without more side effects.


    The dosage for men is around 400-600mgs per week but that varies depending on goals. I’ve seen guys use as little as 200mgs per week as a booster, and up to 1500mgs per week as a heavy bulker.


    For women, I wouldn’t suggest using deca durabolin because of the side effects that are too variable from female to female.


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    Nandrolone Decanoate Injectable Anabolic Steroids Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml

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